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Going Beyond Payroll

Human Capital Management is goes beyond payroll and offers solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of an employee - from hire to retire.

Full-Service Payroll & Tax

Automatic payroll tax filings and payment every time you run payroll in our easy time-entry grid. Unlimited payrolls for one low per-employee-per-month price.

Time & Attendance Included

Employee time keeping is included and part of our platform - no confusing third-party software to break and fix. Build shifts, schedules, time off requests, track hours, and everything in-between.

All About Compliance

Secure, online document storage doesn't let you miss a signature and automatic calculations eliminates the need for you to keep up with tax law changes.

Benefits Administration

Whether you need Workers' Comp, Health, Dental, 401k, or even COBRA it's all built into our platform.

Seamless Workers' Comp

Never again worry about a big up-front premium or expensive annual "true up" audits. Workers' Comp is integrated and is based on your actual payroll each period.

Employee Onboarding

Ditch the paper applications, file cabinets filled with folders of W4s and I9s. Simply enter the employee's name and email address into the system and let them do it all digitally.

Employee Self-Service

Employees can access their information any time they want - freeing you from requests for paystubs, address changes, and report copies. Easy to use and comprehensive access to their payroll data.

Tax Credits

Just by using our onboarding system, we will automatically screen each employee for tax credits worth $2,400 to $9,600 per new hire. If eligible, our team will take the process from beginning to end.